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Also known as an geography party, and sometimes converted to an amazing race party, an around the world party is lots of fun!

Here are some easy party ideas and games to get you started on your adventure around the world!

Getting started...

Use maps, or items from different countries for your invitations, party favors and even decorations.

First select what countries you'd like to "visit" during your party.

Ideal countries are those where you can bring in decorations to identify it, as well as a fun activity related to that country. Suggestions for decorations for kid around the world party ideas can be found on our teen around the world party page.

If you have enough guests, you can divide into team for an Amazing Race. Teams can be designated with different colored bandanas or t-shirts.

For a cake, consider a globe cake, such as this Superman Cake (just leave off Superman!) or a map cake.

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Country Kid Party Ideas and Games

Part of the fun of an around the world party is getting to experience some things you might not normally do at a party.

Once you've picked your countries, you can then decide on an activity or game for each country. 

Some examples of fun, and different, ideas for party activities are:

Africa - Play animal games, or animal bingo.

Antartica - Give each player an ice cube of approximately the same size and let them each race to see who can melt their ice cube the fastest.

China - Give everyone a pair of chopsticks, a cup and minimarshallows. See who can fill a cup with marshmallows first.

Germany - Have kids learn a German dance.

USA - Hula Hoop Contest, or having to Hula Hoop for a certain amount of time.

Kid Party Ideas

Do you have a great kid party idea or game?

Share your ideas and photos here, and they will be added to this site to help other moms & dads everywhere!

You can leave comments and questions here too!

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