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Printable Halloween Party Games for Kids are a topic we receive a lot of requests for. These are great for older kids who have "been there and done that" with other Halloween games.

Why are the choices listed below so popular?

Just purchase, print and play... easy!

Printable Party Games has just about every "print and play" game imaginable! They are an industry leader with a games for families, kids, and even non-readers. They also have games for all popular holidays and life events. Read our Review!

Treasure Hunts

Scavenger and Treasure Hunts are a favorite for the tween and teen set. Halloween Scavenger Hunt Ideas.

Mystery Halloween Party Games for Kids

Mystery Parties are so much fun. I think everyone enjoys the thrill of finding clues and solving a mystery. With these products, it is easy to plan a memorable and fun mystery party.

Mysteries from Simplifun Studios (Affiliate Link)

Mysteries from Dramatic Fanatic

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These are some of our favorite printables which are available for purchase, and I'll confess that I have an relationship with these folks. (read what it means to be an affiliate.) But I'd recommend them even if I didn't!

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