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I'd love to be throwing a Halloween party for kids this would be too easy! I've discovered a fun new product called Dramatic Fanatic. 

Check out my full review of Dramatic Fanatic here. 

These are mystery kits made for kids and the tween set, and they are so much fun.

Halloween kits come with a witch theme or a ghost theme.

I was sent a free copy of the witch version game to preview, and upon reviewing I think it would be perfect for Halloween or anytime you want to add a little magic to a party. Provide witch hats for your players so they'll be in their witchy best costumes!

The creator of the kids is a two-time Emmy winning children's television writer, author, and school drama teacher.

Mystery, magic, and fun will make this party theme memorable!

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Escape rooms are very popular, and you can create your own. One way is to play a pre-packaged Escape Room Game, such as this escape room in a box

There are lots of great scripted mystery games out there for older kids thru adults, such as the ones found at Simplifun Studios. They also offer scavenger hunts!

More mystery party ideas for kids found on this website. 

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