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First of all, I LOVE costume parties. Not everyone does. But, getting folks excited about Halloween costume parties is pretty easy. As Halloween approaches, everyone starts to think about "what can I be"?

Even with my love of Halloween, usually I find myself on October 31 looking thru my closet to see what I can put together.

Some memorable homemade Halloween costume ensembles from the past few years -

  • A cowgirl (boots, jeans, cowboy hat,)
  • A Toga
  • A "lady next door" - bathrobe, curlers in the hair, coldcream on the face, and giant red lips
  • Tacky
  • A hula dancer (use leftover party supplies from a Luau party)
  • Check out some Halloween costume party pictures of some great homemade costumes. But, you may not want to do it yourself. Luckily there are lots of costume places online where you can shop for the perfect halloween outfit.

  • Have you created great Homemade Halloween Party Costumes?

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