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The Guessing Game is a favorite with a group of my friends because it is so fast and furious, and the competition can really heat up quickly! Each round only lasts one minute, so the score of the game can quickly change, which is one of the things that makes it so fun!

Guessing Game

What You Need to Play

  1. A Bowl
  2. Names of Famous People written on slips of paper, about 5 per guest is a good number (put them in the bowl)
  3. One minute timer

How to Play the Guessing Game


First, divide your guests into two teams. If you have an equal number of guys and girls, you can divide that way, which always seems to heighten the stakes of the competition!

Play Begins:

  1. A team member from the first team will draw a slip of paper from the bowl.
  2. He or she will have one minute to give clues to his or her teammates while they try to guess the name on the paper.
  3. If they guess the name of the famous person before one minute is up, the team gets to keep the slip of paper (as a way to keep score) and draws another.
  4. Keep drawing names and giving clues until the minute is over.
  5. When one minute is up, discard the slip of paper with the name that hasn't been guessed. It is now the other team's turn to pull a name from the bowl.

Play Continues:  After each minute, the other team gets to have turn. Team members should alternate who is giving the clues so that everyone (who wants one) gets a turn. This is a game that goes very fast, because it switches sides every minute.

The Game Ends:  The game is over when all the names have been drawn from the bowl, or after a specified number of rounds (determine how many before the game starts.) 

How to Win:  The winning team will be the one that has had the most correct answers. It is easy to keep score because each team should have a pile of slips of paper for each clue they have correctly answered.

Helpful Hints

You may find that you need more slips of paper. If so, before the game have each guest write out the names of 10 people on 10 slips of paper. That saves you from having to come up with all of them!! There may be some duplicates, but that is part of what will keep everyone ready to guess, right?!

Here are a few ideas of people to get you started:

  • Movie Stars
  • TV Stars
  • Reality Stars
  • Music Stars
  • Authors
  • Poets
  • Historical Figures
  • Political Leaders
  • Business Leaders

If you like this game, you'll love the great party game Catch Phrase! It is similar because teams are constantly switching, and it is convenient because everything you need is already supplied for you. This is one of the games that is a favorite of my friends and I and seems to make an appearance at every party!

Another Fun Party Guessing Game...

Another really fun game, that you can purchase and simply print at home, is the Meet Your Perfect Match Game. I've used printable games before and they are so easy, and this should be a hilarious game idea!
Meet Your Match Game

What is your favorite party game?

Do you have a great party game? Share it!

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