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Who is it?

Think you know your friends?

This is the ultimate test!

At your next adult party or birthday celebration, play this fun guessing game and find out just how well you really do know each other!

I love this game because it can be played with very little preparation, with things you already have around the house! Because of this, it makes a great "extra" or "just in case" game. Even if you don't think you'll need it as a game to play, you can have your few supplies ready and decide to add the game at a moment's notice.

How to Play the Who Is It? Party Game

Who Is It Party Game

Object of the Game:

To share a "fun fact" or secret about yourself that no one knows, and see if they can guess that you are the holder of the secret!

You'll only need:

  1. One Index card for each guest A slip of paper for each person works great too.
  2. One Pencil for each guest

To Play:

  1. Give each guest an index card and pencil.
  2. Tell each guest to write one true fact about their life that they don't think anyone else knows. For example, "I once had a summer job as a blackjack dealer in Vegas."
  3. Collect the cards, shuffle them, and then read each one aloud. As you read each one, have your guests guess who they think wrote the card.
  4. Keep track of who guessed correctly each time.
  5. The writer of the card that stumps the most people wins!

Game Adjustments:

There are a couple of times when this game might need some adjustments. One instance is if you have a really large  number of guests. It can be hard to get around the room so everyone has a turn. I think doing it with 12 or less guests would be ideal.

If your guests don't know each other at all, you'll need to give them time to mix and mingle and get to know each other a bit before you play this game. If they don't know much about the people they have met, it may be too hard to try to guess who had done what in their life.

You may also want to check out the "Guessing Game" which also found on this website. It is similar to this "Who Is It" Game.

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