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What Christmas party decorations can I use to liven up a rented space?


There are a couple of ways to add instant holiday decor to any space, whether it is a rented room or your own home.

One idea is to use lots of balloons. You can purchase them blown up at the party store, or you can buy a helium tank there and blow them up yourself. Balloons will only stay inflated for 6 hours or so, so you'll want to wait until just before the party to fill them with helium.

I love balloons as party decorations. They are so cheap and nothing gives you the visual impact that a group of balloons will add!

Pick some colors that will tie in with your party theme.

Another great idea is to use Scene Setters.

The biggest selection of Scene Setters can be found linked at

Scene Setters are products that you can buy that add instant decoration. They are perfect for the important photo backdrop! They are affixed to the wall with tape or sticky tack and are usually 5 or more feet high, so you can really transform a space in a hurry.

Scene Setters can be bought in individual packages, or bought together in a collection.

Some Christmas scene setters include a

  • brick wall
  • brick fireplace
  • Christmas tree
  • frost covered windows (with Santa peeking in!)
  • holly garland
  • Icicle border
  • snow flurries
  • Snowmen
  • Santa and his sleigh flying thru the air
  • snowy village
  • Bethlehem
  • Nativity Scene
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