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The Challenge Game is fun of "challenges."

Everyone loves a good game that is a challenge! Right? Right!

How to play the Challenge Game

To play fun teen party games like this one, you’ll only need some slips of paper and a timer.


Before the party write down “stunts” on pieces of paper, along with a time limit of how long they have to complete the action. You will want to create several stunts per guest. Fold them up and put into a bowl.

Stuck for ideas? Have your guests each create some challenges and write them down (within guidelines you give them!)

To Play:

Have a guest draw a stunt from the bowl. They must complete the stunt within the time limit given to earn a point (otherwise, no point!).

Go to the next person, and continue until all guests have had a chance to play.

You can do this game as long as the supply of written down stunts holds out, or you can end it after a certain number of rounds.

The Winner:

The party guest with the most points wins!

Some suggested stunts:

*Say the alphabet backwards

*Stand on your head

*Do thirty jumping-jacks

*Pick items from our Truth or Dare page

Let's be reasonable, ok?

Make sure that the stunts remain safe, and the area to do them in is appropriate (and OK with your folks!). And if someone doesn't want to do a stunt don't pressure them. Seriously. Just give the point to the other team. The object of this teen party game is for everyone to have lots of fun!

The stunts also don't have to be physical. They can be mental, such as saying the alphabet backwards. They can also be really silly, such as pretending you are a dog doing tricks such as rolling over, playing fetch, etc.

If this is going to be one of your teenage birthday party games, perhaps you can create challenges having to do with things the birthday guy or girl likes (or doesn't like!). You could even have a challenge of singing the birthday song backwards or while standing on your head.

You'll want to add this to your favorite list of slumber party games and teen party games! 

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