April Fools Party

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April Fools Day!! An April Fools Party is a fun way for those who want to add a little humor into their lives!

What a great opportunity to do something off-beat, unexpected and definetly memorable!

Here are a few ideas to consider...

Favorite April Fools Party Ideas

You could fill a party with lots of gag items, such as whoppee cushions, fake spilled items, and even toilet paper that looks like money.

You could also play the Truth is Stranger than Fiction Game. In this game  you try to pick out the actual headline from supermarket tabloids, versus made up, just as incredible headlines.

Another fun idea is to throw a Backwards Party. This is a party where you do everything backwards, upside down and inside out. If you play games, you do them backwards or in some silly fashion. April 1st is a perfect day for this party.

Another one of our fun adult party ideas is to have a tacky party. Just like the name sounds, you do all sorts of tacky things and wacky things at a tacky party. You could have laundry hanging across the room, Christmas lights up everywhere, and play games like having watermelon seed spitting contests.

Share your best April Fools Day Party ideas with us!

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