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Isn't this airplane cake cute?

I love the look of cakes decorated with fondant, and this is a good example of what you can do it with at home.

This cake was decorated with fondant to give it such a smooth appearance. Fondant is also responsible for those great airplane and cloud shapes on the side! Using tools made to work with it, this would be an fun party cake to design and decorate!

If you haven't worked with fondant before, I would allow plenty of time to work with it, and maybe practice some beforehand to see how the tools work and what you can (and can't) do well.

This cake was obviously used for as a 1st birthday cake, but it would work for airplane party or anyone who loves airplanes, at any age!

You can also adapt the colors used - I think a deep blue sky would look great too.

Photo Credit: / CC BY 2.0

More Fun Cake Designs

 Photo by: / CC BY 2.0

This cake can give you an idea of how color can create something fun that would be a delight for any child to have! Easy to decorate as well with the cute toy airplanes. These double as candle holders. But you could also just use toy airplanes and put the candles on separately.   

Airplane Cake Pans

The easiest way to create an airplane themed cake, other than placing cute airplanes on top, is to use a cake pan in the shape of an airplane, like these Airplane Cake Pans (Affliate Link) found at Amazon.

Aircraft Carrier Cake

Aircraft Carrier Cake

This air craft carrier cake was made for an airplane party by my friend Christine. They made a sheet cake and then cut off the corners to make the shape of an air craft carrier. They added a runway, etc. and toy airplanes. The kids loved it!

Favorite Airplane Party Game

Create a pilot obstacle course! Here's how...

Before the party you will need to make some airplane "costumes" out of cardboard boxes. You'll want something that can be worn over the child, but they can still wear while they run and jump and play. It will also need to be easy to transfer from one child to the other. One idea is to take a long, narrow piece of cardboard and attach handles for their arms. It will also need to be easily transferred from one child to the next. Another option - you can also just have them hold their arms out (like an airplane) and make bzzzzing engine noises as they "fly."

Before the party you'll also need to think of some great obstacles for your pilots to face and then gather the materials you will need. Some suggestions:

  1. Clouds - white balloons scattered to run thru
  2. Birds - stuff animal birds, or maybe a bird pinata that you make
  3. Rain - squirt them with water guns when they run by!

Now you are ready! Run the obstacle course like a relay race. If the children are young, don't even bother making it a race. Just let them have fun going thru the different obstacles as they pretend to pilot the airplane.

More Airplane Party Ideas & Games

  • Older kids can enjoy putting together and flying balsa wood airplanes
  • For younger kid parties, pretend to board an airplane and visit fun, exotic destinations.
  • Read more ideas at our page for an Airplane Party.

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