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Visitor Submitted Adult Party Ideas

We want to hear your adult party ideas from you! All the details from your favorite adult parties - whether you planned it, attended it, or were honored at it!

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  • Any helpful hints would be great too, and you can even upload a photo!

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    Just think, you may have the perfect idea that someone is looking for!

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    What Other Visitors Have Said

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    Rumble in the Jungle 
    This jungle party is a great party theme for adults! The attire is animal print or camouflage. I decorated using wrinkled/ripped green streamers that …

    A Private Celebration At The Cinema Not rated yet
    There seems to be more choice than ever these days when choosing an appropriate venue for your next birthday party. Some of the more popular options …

    Bucket List Party Not rated yet
    Invite your friends and love ones over. Then create an invitation weeks in advance of what you are trying to accomplish. Get the responses and then according …

    Jersey Shore Party Not rated yet
    For a Jersey Shore Costume Party first watch an episode and then dress like they do in it. Girls will need a fake tan, lots of makeup and fake nails. …

    Permanent Residency Party Not rated yet
    We had recently moved to Australia and eventually got our Permanent Residency. And we thought, well time to party but, being new in a country and poeple …

    Pub Party Not rated yet
    Pubs are so popular because they provide a great community gathering place. Everyone is welcome for great conversation, games and refreshements. A pub …

    Mardi Gras Party Not rated yet
    You've probably heard this one before, but last year my wife and I went to a cross dressing Mardi Gras party. She was able to wear one of my old business …

    Redneck Mardi Gras Party Not rated yet
    This year we decided to have a redneck Mardi Gras party. Everyone came dressed up as a redneck stereotype. Lots of Joe Dirt hair cuts, acid washed jeans …

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