Bucket List Party

by Mister DHype

Invite your friends and love ones over. Then create an invitation weeks in advance of what you are trying to accomplish. Get the responses and then according to what your friends have placed on their list of numbers 1 and 2, they should be brought to the party ready for consumption. Number 3 will be completed at the party.

1. Create a bucket list of foods you would want to try but have never tried either because they are too expensive or are afraid to try because they are scary looking.

2. Create a bucket list of drinks, games and even crazy things you would like to do before you die (sky diving, or bungie jumping), etc.

3. Create a list of every place you want to visit before you die (Possibly watch the movie), then have people write their bucket list. After writing this extensive list, match up your choice with your friends. Then plan a trip to do these very things you want to do before you die. It is easier to do some of these things with a large group or with 3-4 people. In the meantime, you begin to learn a lot about the people you have connected with at this party.

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