Permanent Residency Party

by Chrissie
(Oakey, QLD, Australia)

We had recently moved to Australia and eventually got our Permanent Residency. And we thought, well time to party but, being new in a country and poeple do not know each other that well we had to put a spin on things.

So we had decorated the whole yard with medium Australian flags and the moment the people entered the house they had to take a shot of Tequila as an entry fee (of course).

We also had rules where you were only allowed to drink with your non dominant hand (if you are right handed you are only allowed to drink with your left and vise versa) if you were spotted drinking with the wrong hand well Buffalo would be shouted until you had taken your shot of Tequila.

Then there are those who do not like Tequila they could choose to play the "GOON". We hung a 2L bag of wine on the washing line and when the goon was chosen everybody had to go and pick a spot under the line and the washing line would be made to spin if it stopped in front of you, well you had to then take a shot of Wine from the bag.

Well let me tell you after a couple of hours poeple would be spinning the goon without invitation, it was a great night and poeple still talk about the party.

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