A Private Celebration At The Cinema

by Anne Morgen

There seems to be more choice than ever these days when choosing an appropriate venue for your next birthday party.

Some of the more popular options include a meal out at a restaurant, a night on the tiles or a private party at home, while more active ideas include paintballing, ten-pin bowling and laser-quest.

But one other option that an increasing number of people are considering is a trip to the cinema to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster with their closest friends.

However, while most party destinations allow you to dictate your own level of privacy, many party planners are deterred from opting for a night at the movies as they are forced to share the experience with other punters.

But there is a solution. You can hire out a cinema auditorium for private use and host an exclusive screening of your favourite film for you and your closest friends.

The number of people you invite is up to you. An intimate occasion for you and a handful of friends can be pleasant, but when the cost is shared by a larger number, a private screening can work out as very good value for money.

The cinema is quickly emerging as a premier corporate entertainment destination, and is increasingly the venue of choice for business conferences and AGMs, but it is also increasingly being hired for private use.

A private screening need not dominate your plans to celebrate a birthday. It could precede a night out with your friends, or round off a day of more active celebrations. The warmth and comfort of the cinema might be particularly appealing following an afternoon out paintballing, for example.

However you choose to factor in a private screening, hiring out a cinema auditorium is an excellent option for birthday celebrations, and is certainly worth your consideration next time you begin planning a big event.

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