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This afternoon I met someone who had given her son an 18th birthday party the night before. As you can imagine, I just had to ask all about it! Everyone is always looking for great and easy teen party ideas! And sometimes it is easier to plan your own party after you a have read about what someone else did successfully.

She said that knew that since her son was turning 18, he would want something more along the lines of an adult birthday party. So they planned an event with that in mind.

It was a big affair, held at their home. They invited those you would invite for a family birthday party such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins.

They also invited friends - from school, sports, church and the neighborhood. Basically anyone who knew this lucky guy for these first 18 years of his life!

They had food, music, and cake (3 cakes, in fact, to be able to feed everyone!)

She said that everyone mixed, mingled, came and went, and it was a really great time.

One of the great ideas that she had was to take photos during the party  and then upload them to a digital frame during the party. You could also do that with photos of the birthday honoree's life!

Since it was a "family" affair, they rented a bounce house for the younger guests. It was good to give them something to do.

It looked like a really fun party AND she said that her son really enjoyed having an "adult" birthday party for his 18th birthday.

Other ways to celebrate an 18th birthday party

Other popular ideas are to go  to  restaurant, especially one that is special like Benihana, or anyplace that is a favorite of the birthday guy or girl. This works great if your group isn't too large. If it is a big group though, it is much less expensive to do the party at home and provide  your own or cater in food.

Getting together at a park or the beach are great options too. Like to dance? Having a barn dance or in a community center are good options too!

How did you celebrate your 18th birthday party?

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