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A friend recently went to a Twelve Days of Christmas party.

At this Christmas theme party they had decorations for the 12 days of the song, and then had some fun activities as well.

Here are some ideas for using this theme for your own holiday party.

For dividing guests into teams, one fun icebreaker game is to hand out a piece of paper to each guest (prepared before the party) with the name of one of the items from the song. 

Then on "go" everyone has to find their "match/matches" - the others who have the same thing written on their piece of paper.

Voila! Now they are divided into teams.

Now that you have everyone into groups, you can play a Christmas party game based on the 12 days of Christmas song. Have each group come up with new words to the song.

Each group can rewrite their assigned verse and then as a group sing the new version of the song. This works particularly well if you have a common theme. If you are at an office party, then the verse could have something to do with the boss, what the company does, etc.

Another idea that is different, and perhaps doesn't require your guests to be quite as creative, is to simply sing the song, with each team singing their portion at the appropriate time in the song. While they are singing, they must do the motions.

This can be hilarious!

Twelve Days of Christmas Party Favors

12 Days of Christmas Champagne Flutes

A fun party favor idea would be 12 Days of Christmas ornaments.

Depending on your budget, you could purchase a set of 12 Days of Christmas Champagne Flutes.

Each flute depicts a verse of the song.

Then host a very elegant champagne tasting party.

A final idea...

If you and your friends really like parties, plan 12 days of parties!

These can be 12 consecutive days, or 12 days over a certain period.

Parties can be simple (happy hour, bowling), or even themed to the song "ladies dancing" could include dancing, "pipers piping" could include a concert, "French hens" - a French filled evening, including wine and cheese tastings!

I hope you'll share your fun ideas for a twelve days of Christmas party with us below!

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Do you have a great easy party idea or game?

Share your great ideas!

12 Days of Christmas Hot Potato
By: Anonymous
Great for seated guests. Have a potato or any item of choice passed around, and when the music stops whoever has the item has to fill in the blank for the 12 days of Christmas.

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