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A fun tween party is a tricky thing. Finding something new and unusual to do for this age group to help celebrate a birthday or special event can be a challenge so whenever I run across a great party idea, I like to share it and pass it along to you!

I've been lucky enough to get to go to a couple of fun tween parties recently that involved watching a movie. Read these and see if they might be your solution to planning a great party for your favorite tween.

Tween Party Ideas

Tween Movie Party Idea #1

With the first one movie party idea, it reminded me of a fun book club activity.

For this party, we went to the movies at the mall and had pizza in the food court. Then, we went into the theater and saw a film that had just out. It was  movie called Soul Surfer (Have you seen it? If not, you should check it out! It is a great film.)

Afterwards, we went back to the host's house and had dessert (cookies and lemonade) and discussed the movie that we had just seen.

The plot, the characters, the actors...what would we have done in the situation?

You can adapt any movie to this idea, and if you don't want to go to the movies could just do it at home, watching something on the TV.

Tween Party Idea #2

This movie party idea included a surprise party! Any opportunity to yell "surprise!" is fun, and the anticipation is unbeatable. 

Everyone had been at a soccer game, piled into their cars and left. It was a secret, but everyone was going to the birthday boy's house. The car with the birthday boy took a little detour to allow everyone else to make it to his house first.

At the party, they had snacks, cake and watched a video. The video was of the school play that everyone had been in the week before. It was lots of fun too - watching the video of the play together.

These are just a few ideas that could work for a tween movie party. I think at this age group doing something fun while spending time together is important. You don't need to overplan a lot of activities for this age group as you would for younger kids, but you'll still want to provide them with something fun to do, and lots of food!

More Tween Party Ideas

These are just two successful Tween parties I've attended recently. Check out this page of more tween party ideas.

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