Truth or Dare Spin the Bottle

by Daniela
(Cape Town, South Africa)

This game is played better with a big group of both boys and girls!! the more the better!!! You get a bottle (its better if its full or at least have some water or even sand) make sure you all sit in a circle. Put the bottle in the middle and get 1 person to spin it. The person who the bottom of the bottle lands on dares the other person. The other person is the one that the top of the bottle landed in front of them. You could either play it with just dares or with truth included!!! The person with the top of the bottle gets 3 choices of their dare and HAS to choose 1!! When they r done somebody spins the bottle again and it starts again!!

if you r gonna play with things like kissing you have to make sure what ever happens in the game will stay in the game!!!!

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