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This site is blowing up with teen party game ideas, thanks to visitors like you! We have so many, we've had to add another teen game page to the website, and now have over 150 games on this site, most of which has been submitted by our readers!

Let's all pay it forward - comment in the box below or and share your experiences with these teen party game ideas, and add your own favorites! 

Teen Party Game List

The Question Game
By: Anonymous
Starts off with two players, but you can add more as you go. A conversation has to be made, but only using questions. If a player says a statement, or doesn't have anything to say at all, he/she is out. Then, is replaced by another person.

By: Sarah in Orlando
How to play Celebrity

Change Shoes
By: Kylie R. in Virginia
This isn't just any teen party game, what you have to do is go around and close your eyes and the first person you touch/run into (boy OR girl) you have to wear the shoes they are wearing the next time you go to school the next day. Have fun!!!! :)

What I can't hear you
By: Brianna W. in Little Rock
My game is wear one person puts duck tape of their mouth and try to yell a phrase out . Each player tries to guess what the person is saying if 1 minute goes by then the person with the tape on has to keep it on their mouth all day. But if they get IOC a player gets it right then it is their turn to tape the mouth

Never Have I Ever
By: Karissa S. in Indiana
You put up five fingers and you ask people questions that start with "Never have I ever...". The first person to put their hand down loses, the last person to put their hand down is the winner

By: Hannah in New Zealand
First get in a room or go outside the room must have places off the ground choose a player to be "it", "it" must close there eyes and count to ten they must keep their eyes closed the whole time they must then look around and try to tag people with there eyes closed. they may say "marco" when they want to and others MUST reply "polo" whoever may also say Grounders and if anyone on the ground that make them the new "it." if no one is on the ground whoever is the furthest away says "no one" and the tagger carries on. the tagger may also tag someone and that will make them the new "it." This is a fun party game for all ages  maybe you can play it at your party?   ENJOY!

Ring the Teddy
By: Sanjida in India
some teddys' are kept on a table and three rings are given to each player then one player has to come forward and try to ring the teddy. Remember only three chances

Footsy Pop
By: Kenzie K in MD
You tape a balloon to your foot and try to pop another persons balloon using your foot that has the balloon on it

By: Alana in Nebraska
It's the exact opposite of hide and go seek in the dark.
1.) Someone turns off all the lights in the house (NO PHONES ARE ALLOWED WHEN TRYING TO FIND THE PERSON THAT HIDES)
2.) One person goes to hide anywhere except for a designated room for all the people going to find the person that hides.
3.) Everybody but the hider stays in the designated room (Except one person that's not playing to let everybody know when the hider's done hiding)
4.) After the person who's not hiding let's everyone know that the hider is done hiding everyone must then go search for that person.
5.) Once you find the hider, you hide with them
6.) The game is over when everybody finds the hider

Staring Competition
By: Anonymous
You get into partners 2 people is just fine, and you stare at each other while not trying to laugh.

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Streamer Dress
By: Anonymous
Split your group in to even teams. Give each team 2 different colored streamers and one roll of tape. Then pick one person to make a dress on and at the end of the game have a parent pick the winner of the best dress.

Can you Answer
By: Catrina in McLeansboro, IL, US
Before you play you write down questions that would be hard for someone to answer. Also write down a bunch of dares.<br>Then you put all of the dares in a bowl and mix them up. After that put all of the questions in q different bowl. Whoever goes first draw and has to answer the question. If they can't they have to draw a dare. To make the game harder you can make it to where if they smile while answering the question They have to draw a dare.

By: Lexi
One person sneaks around the house trying to kill all other players while two or three of them are detectives. The detectives have to find out who is the murderer before everyone is killed. The murderer may pretend to be one of the victims. How to choose the murderer and detective, have everyone pick out a piece of paper from a hat, the paper with an X on it is the murderer, the paper with the O on it is detective.

Say It Love
By: Kriti in Delhi
Here should be equal number of girls and boys even if not people can make pair with the same gender. Boys and girls make pair and pick up a balloon. After everyone has picked up a balloon let everyone burst their balloon. There is a chit inside every balloon with somethingg saying like...I like u, ur sweet, etc. Now the girls and boys must say to each other what is written in their chit. This game is really nice and fun for the ones who like others.

Whats in the Box
By: Alyssa in Ventura, CA
So get a box and put some thing that makes noise inside and you have to give the guests hints as to what it could be and whoever guesses it first get to keep it or get another prize

Kiss a boy Whom You Love the Most
By: Sanskriti in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India
the game starts like their will be two teams one will be girls the colour pink for girls and one team of boys the colour blue for boys.You have to put a bowl and make some slips in the slips there will be the options of cheek,ear,lips,nose.Then one girls will choose a boy for the opposite team whom she loves and ask him if he loves her if yes then the girl or boy will be blindfolded he or she has to pick a slip and read it and then they have to kiss there

Sweet or Sour
By: Alys
I once thought up a game where everyone sits in a circle with their eyes closed and gets handed a hard lolly. 1 person however gets a sour lolly (warheads) and has to keep cool. everyone opens their eyes and tries to guess who got the sour one. This is a great fun game and hilarious when a) people get the sour one and cant handle it and b) try to hide the fact that their mouth is burning.

Secret Word
By: Autumne, Emily
Basically you set two stacks of index cards set out on a table during the party. One of the stacks has the names of everyone at the party written down multiple times. The other stack has 'secrets' written down on it. For example "Go describe to them a kiss you've had in the past year." Or "go show them your weirdest birthmark." Or something crazy. There will be a 'code word' throughout the party (make it a word that everyone will probably say like once or twice throughout the night.) If the person says that word by accident during the party they must go draw one name and one secret from each stack of cards and perform the secret or task on the person they drew.

Pin the tail on Jelina
By: Kylie, United States
We use a horse body and my sisters face and its fun and hilarious! XD!!! Try it, you'll love it!!!!

Fabulous Freeze Tag
By: Emily Denise, Mesa, AZ USA
It's freeze tag, but you have to stand in a pose.

Candy Cane
By: Alicia, GA, USA
It doesn't matter how many people play you put a candy cane in your mouth and use the hook end to hook the other candy canes on to put in your bowl first to 5 wins

Babysitting Games
Submitted by: Laura, U.S.
It is so hard to babysit two kids 6 and 3 without a big huge mess, kids, other peoples kids are hard to deal with, so weather you have  a shy little girl or dino obsessed young boy, these do's, don'ts and games will help you survive. Scavenger hunt- hide objects and attach clues if you want to keep the kids busy and working together in teams. Time out - whenever kids get in trouble they don't take it seriously but this fun game where the child tries to escape the babysitter time out watch on them is fun and easy game that makes kids feel in charge just make sure you keep an adult on the team. Pillow related games- there is so much more to pillows then sleeping props, take the cover for the pillow and just try to walk in the pillow case and of course make it a race! Sock skating - if you have hard wood floors then you in luck because when you put on furry socks the can make a great skate! DO'S keep them busy, have them eat healthy foods, establish your authority, interactive games, confuse healthy food with appearance the of bad food, DON'Tlet the young girls see or get in to your make up,  let young boys into your room, don't let them watch more than 2 episodes of tv or more than 1 movie , let them out of you sight, do messy things such as paint or rough games such as capture the flag unless your babysitting tween's or older children. I hope this article helped you!

By: Maddy, WA, USA
Paranoia is a really fun game to play with a big group of teenagers (at least 5).
You need:  A flip flop and People
Everybody sits in a circle on the floor, with the flip flop in the middle. One person starts, and they whisper a question to the person to the right of them. The question receiver then answers the question out loud to the group. Then somebody flips the flip flop up in the air. If the flip flop lands right side up, then the question giver tells the group what the question was. If the flip flop lands right side down, the question giver does not tell the group what the question was and the group is left wondering what the question was. The question receiver then asks the person to the right of them, and so it goes around the circle. It is also fun to limit the people in the questions to the people in the room, and when the answers to the questions are peoples names. Once you get all the way around the circle and want to continue, switch it from right to left so you're asking a new person. You can also switch seats. Have fun!

Marco Polo
By: Bethany, Tampa, FL
This game is for at least six people and is best played in an outdoor area without any dangerous things to run into. To play this game, you will need a blindfold big enough to cover a player's eyes and tie behind their head. You will also want to supervise carefully so no one goes out of the game area.  Choose one player to go first. Blindfold the player and spin him or her around a few times so they are a bit disoriented. Make sure they can't see a thing.
Now they have to try to find another player. To do this they should hold their arms out in front of them and say Marco and everyone else should answer Polo. When someone is caught, the blindfolded player has to guess who it is. If they are right,then the blindfold is switched to them. If they are wrong,then they have to find another player. The game can go on until everyone has had a turn to be blindfolded.

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