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We had so much fun playing a prank at a slumber party!

At this party the girls divided up and were going to sleep in different rooms of the house.

The girls ended up leaving the house for a short while to go out and have some fun.

While they were gone, we toilet papered the different rooms they would be sleeping in. Totally covered them both! The beds, floors, in the beds, light fixtures, everything. They couldn't walk thru the rooms.

The girls were so surprised. Each room thought the other room had done it. The accusations flew! (It was hilarious, and I must admit that we adults who were there had a really hard time keeping a straight face!)

When the slumber party girls figured out that it was impossible for either room to be responsible for the toilet paper mess, they thought somebody must have sneaked in to the building and done it. Quickly they started texting some of the guys who they thought might have sneaked over, sneaked in, and done the dirty work.

You'd be surprised how long it took them to figure out it might be the mom and some of her friends who were still hanging around! We all had a good laugh about it and they couldn't believe that we had been the ones to pull a prank on them!

Lots of people love to go toilet paper houses (TPing). If you're thinking of doing this, check the laws where you live. In some areas it is considered vandalism. In others it is not. So check into it before you do it!

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