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Everyone is always looking for pranks for sleepovers!

A prank is defined as a trick played on a person, and rather than doing a prank to one person, I think it is better to do it to the whole group!

It is NO FUN to be embarrassed if you are the only one...but if you are doing something to the whole group and no one is getting singled out...

On another page on this website about sleepover pranks, we started with a few ideas that would work as pranks for a slumber party, depending on your definition of pranks. Click here for those prank ideas.

More fun pranks for sleep overs might not really be pranks at all. Instead, go for something unusual and different at your party and make it part of the theme.

The idea of a prank is to have something that is memorable and catches people off guard.

You can do that safely, in a way that is fun for everyone at your party. That way everyone will be guaranteed a good time!

Pranks for Sleepovers

Here are some more fun jokes to play:

  • Having a crazy theme like a Backwards Slumber Party. This is really fun, and totally different than what they might expect. (I love the Talent/No Talent Show party game idea!)

  • Don't tell your friends that you are having a theme, and then when they get there have your party totally themed out, including props and special costumes for them to wear to go with the party theme.

  • Going on a wacky treasure hunt or scavenger hunt  - create your own or check out one that is ready made for you. Read all about ideas for Scavenger Hunts

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