Murder Mystery

by Josie

There are a lot of different versions of this murder mystery game, but this one is my favorite. First cut up enough pieces of paper so there is one for everybody. Then take two pieces of paper and mark one "X", that would be the murderer then mark the other "Detective". Then mark the rest "Possible Victim". After you do all the labeling, put all the paper in a hat and mix them up. When its time to play the game, sit everyone in a circle and tell them to draw from the hat and to look at the pieces of paper. Whoever is the detective tells everybody and gets out of the circle to sit somewhere outside of it. Whoever the murderer is must not tell anybody. Then turn all the lights out and tell the detective to close their eyes. The murderer will then get up and tap someone of their choice on the head. That person will then have a (fake) dramatic death. The murderer then sits down and the detective turns on the light and tries to guess who the murderer is. This game is tons of fun and everybody will love it!

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