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Inflatables are just for kid parties right? Wrong!

As a matter of fact, when I rented my first bounce house (also sometimes called a moon walk), I was told that lots of times people will rent bounce houses for slumber parties, with the kids sleeping in the bounce house over night.

Now that sounds fun!

There are also several inflatable games that just would be inappropriate for the younger set.

Find out below about the top teen party ideas using inflatables.

If you need more fun and easy party games, visit the teen party games section of this website.

Hooray for inflatable games for teenagers!

They are easy...

And fun!

Top Inflatables for Teenagers

Slip and Slide

Picture a slip and slide with overhead water jets, where you can run and dive onto an inflatable, elevated surface. It is lots of fun and an easy way to cool.

Sumo Wrestling

You've probably seen this on t.v. People climb into giant inflatable sumo costumes and try to knock each other down. Fun to do and fun to watch!

Zorb Ball Racing

Climb inside what seems like a human-size hamster ball. Compete in relay races against each other!

Laser Tag

Host your own laser tag party inside an inflatable, portable, laser tag system. A maze of walls inside plus fog machines create big fun.

Foam Dance Pit

Ready to dance? An inflatable dance pit full of foam will mean fun with easy cleanup for you.

Bungee Chord Race

With this game players are hooked up to a bungee chord, race, and try to see who can go the farthest, the fastest, before the bungee chord bring them back.

Surf and Ski Simulator

Ride the wave or the slopes on a crazy similator.

Bull Rides

Perfect for adding inflatable games for teenagers to a western theme party, bull rides are an old favorite!  


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