Fun Model Party

by Mariss
(Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

She has a doll as an added accessory at a model party

She has a doll as an added accessory at a model party

Get old clothes and each guest puts on one outfit and pretends to walk the run way.

Lisa Says:

Thanks for adding this idea for a fun model party.

Little girls love fashion, so the idea of playing models or having some sort of Fashion Party really hits the spot.

Let the girls go wild with the dress up box!

If you don't have a dress up box available, you can go to the dollar store and find lots of things that could be used. Another idea is to have pieces of fabric that the girls can drape around themselves. Even better...let them into your closet mom! Little girls are adorable wearing grown up shoes, hats and carrying big purses.

If you have a little girl who is too shy to participate, that is fine. She can be in the audience. Or perhaps she might want to walk with you (or other grown-up) holding their hand. Don't pressure anyone to be in it.

If the girls are taking turns, give them each a toy camera to pretend that they are snapping photographs of each other.

You can even have making a "camera" as a party craft.

Whatever you do, take lots of photos of your budding models on the runway.

Thanks for sharing your idea! (and thanks for sharing the darling photo from your model party!

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