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Christmas cocktail party invitations - where can I find them?


Here are some sources for you!

Online Party Invitations:

My favorite source for sending an invitation online is using Paperless Post. Read my review of their service here. They make sending a paperless invitation unique and easy, and as close to an old-fashioned paper invitation as you can get.

Paper Cocktail Party Invitations

My favorite source for party invitations that you can mail is always

If you type in what you are looking for, you'll come up with a great selection from a variety of stores and vendors. You'll also be able to comparision shop to get the best price and quantity that you need.

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Make Your Own Christmas Invitations:

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, then you might want to make your own. Use scrapbooking supplies to create something unique. Pinterest is a great source for inspiration.

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