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One of the coolest ideas for a Christmas party photos has come my way.

Have you heard of FlipClips?

This is where you take your 30 second video and it is converted into a flip book that you can hold in your hands and flip thru to "see the movie".

Each photo in the book stands alone.

I think this is one of the most unique ideas - you can use it to capture a moment of a party, such as...

  • A funny song or skit
  • Singing Happy Birthday
  • A surprise
  • Opening a gift
  • The Christmas Tree
  • Your friends around the room

  • I think if you visit their site you'll see some good examples. Visit to find out how to make a flip book from your favorite video.
  • Ways to share your Christmas Party Picture Book

    I think this has a great value as really unique a Christmas party favor, or you could even make a book as a special invitation.

    A book that is created from a video taken at the party could be a great gift that is sent after the party.

    Flip Clips were just one of the activities used at a great Corporate Christmas party. Bet they'll be a hit memory from your party too!

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