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A centerpiece can add a lot to your party decorations! Whether it be a floral design, candles, or something fun and whimsical, a centerpiece is a must for your table and can be added around the party space too. What is even better is that many can be easily and cheaply done, even by those who don't usually do DIY projects!

Floral Centerpiece Examples

These centerpieces were made with blue hydrangeas and white roses. I love the green too! A tip for working with hydrangeas - use a rubber band around the bottom of the flower. You won't be able to see it, and it keeps the flowers from drooping so the cluster of flowers holds it's shape. These arrangements are small so they can be placed together in groupings or used individually.

Blue Hydrangea, White Rose and Green Floral Centerpiece
Blue Hydrangea, White Rose and Green Flower Arrangement
Blue Hydrangea, White Rose and Green Flowers
Blue Hydrangea, White Rose and Green Flowers

This centerpiece is simple yet beautiful! Used at a "daisy theme" luncheon, an old mason jar that has been painted and tied with a coordinating ribbon is the perfect container for the fresh looking flower.

Daisy Centerpiece

Pink roses! The ferns add a lot of softness to this arrangement!

Pink Rose Centerpiece

This rustic centerpiece was used at a barn dance with flowers and grasses found right there on the property, picked just before the party, along with some white daisies and yellow roses.

Rustic Centerpiece

Non-floral Centerpieces

Centerpieces don't have to be floral! This is a place setting at a luncheon devoted to music. Sheet music covered the table, old records were used as chargers, and 45s along with music-related canvases were in the center of the table.

These disco beads and disco balls were a great compliment to tables at a 70's party.

Floral Party Decorations

Placing floral arrangements or other decorations around the room adds a festive touch and carries your theme over to everything, not just a centeralized location.

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