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Photo Booth Backdrops are a must for parties today. Here are lots of great examples for inspiration!

I wish I could take the credit for making these, but all have been made by my friends for different parties. Aren't they amazing? Each one is unique and each on is beautiful!

Breakfast at Tiffany's Photo BackdropBreakfast at Tiffany's Photo Booth Backdrop

A Breakfast at Tiffany's party requires a Breakfast at Tiffany's backdrop! Find the perfect shade, and you'll be half way there!

This photo also shows a cute photo frame. This was made out of a piece of white foam board.

Photo Booth FramePhoto Booth Frame

Floral Photo Booth BackdropPink Floral Photo Booth Backdrop
Floral Photo Booth BackdropFloral Photo Booth Backdrop

Barn Dance Western Photo Booth BackdropBarn Dance Western Photo Booth Backdrop

Snowflake Photo BackdropSnowflake Photo Backdrop, perfect for a Winter Party

Pumpkin Patch Fall Photo BackdropPumpkin Patch Fall Photo Backdrop

Photo Booth Accessories

No mater what your backdrop, you'll want to have some fun accessories for the photos! You can provide something themed specifically for your event, or use something generic - boas, sunglasses, and funny hats!

Photo Booth AccessoriesPhoto Booth Accessories

Do you have a beautiful backdrop to share? Please do and we'll add it to this page!

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