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Everyone loves cartoons, so plan to use a cartoon party theme!

Whether you are looking for kid party ideas, teen party ideas, slumber  party themes, costume party themes or even adult party ideas, (this party makes for some great adult party game ideas too!) cartoon theme parties are fun.

Party Invitations

  • Invitations with any cartoon character would be appropriate.
  • A fun idea would be to create an invitation with cutouts, stickers or clipart of famous cartoon characters.

  • Cartoon Party Decorations

  • Set out Comic Books
  • Bright colorful balloons
  • Cover the walls with blown up drawings of cartoon characters
  • You can also purchase party supplies in different cartoon character themes to use. Decorations, plates, napkins, there are lots of party items available. Mix and match to get a good assortment of characters from Superhereos to Spongebob to Scooby!

  • You'll find a great selection of stuff to order at Birthday in a Box (Affiliate.)

    Party Games and Activities

  • Have lots of butcher paper on hand. Take a turn tracing each person's boday and have them turn their tracing into a cartoon character.
  • Play cartoon trivia.
  • Watch cartoon collections, or great cartoon movies. Some ideas: Tom & Jerry, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Bugs Bunny, Pink Panther...
  • Have a contest to see who can do the best cartoon character laugh impersonation.
  • Have guests come dressed as their favorite cartoon character or anime character, or wear a t-shirt of their favorite cartoon character if they have one. Be sure to pass out prizes for the best!
  • Party Food

    There are so many options here! Use your favorite cartoon characters for a cake, such as a Cartoon Party Superman Cake or a Spiderman Cake.

    You don't have to limit yourself to just one character though...for a fun cake design you can include lots of different cartoon characters on a cake if you wish.

    Love to Dress Up?

    There is a great restaurant with locations in Texas called the Magic Time Machine. When you go there, all the employees are dressed like cartoon characters (and are "in character" as well!). Some of our favorites include Captain Jack Sparrow, Sinbad, the Mad Hatter, Cinderella and Raggedy Ann. If you are in Texas, look to see if there is one near you and if so, you should visit!

    Think of a character that you would like to "become". Voila!

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