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We recently had a bunco baby shower for a friend who was expecting her 5th baby! 

What an easy way to plan a baby shower!

Many regular bunco groups incorporate a shower into their regular monthly game in one way or another.

Some do it for a first baby, second baby, and every baby.

In our case, we had never done a shower at bunco night before.

But the mom-to-be was a regular at bunco, and this was to be her last game before the baby came. And this was baby number 5!

So, we decided to set a precedent. Anyone having a 5th baby was due for some major loot!

Bunco Baby Shower

The Plan for our Bunco Night Baby Shower

We kept it a surprise. It doesn't have to be a surprise bunco baby shower, but it was a fun way to do it!

To spread the word, we simply emailed everyone that if they wished to participate in the baby shower portion, they could bring a package of diapers, or whatever else they wished to bring. Even if they couldn't attend, they could drop off a gift if they wished.

As everyone arrived we hid the gifts under a blanket in a chair so she didn't know anything about it.

At this point she still suspected nothing!

The Baby Shower Surprise!

We brought everyone into the room where we play, brought her up to the front, reminded her how much we all love her, and then unveiled all the gifts!!

She was so surprised and it was so much fun treating her to these things.

Then, we started rolling!!

Other Fun Bunco Baby Shower Ideas

  • Instead of using a boa or a tiara for the person who has rolled a "bunco" to wear, have them wear a baby bid, burp cloth, or baby sling.
  • If you know the sex of the baby, use pink or blue dice.
  • Serve the traditional baby shower favorite, petite fours. But for a fun twist, have them decorated to look like dice.

  • Planning a Bunco Theme Baby Shower for the Non-Bunco Group

    Yes, you can plan a baby shower with a bunco theme even when you don't have a regular bunco group.

    It is simple - you'll just want to try to keep the guest list in multiples of 4 - 8 guests, or 12, or 16, etc.

    Visit the Bunco FAQ Rules Page on this website to learn more about how to play bunco, supplies you'll need and everything you need to know to plan your party.

    For more fun bunco game theme ideas, visit Bunco Night Themes.

    Have any great bunco ideas to share?

    If you've played this fun and easy game - share with our visitors your bunco themes, rules, recipes, prizes and photos!

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