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I'm often asked about ways to plan a easy on the budget party. Face it, we are all interested in planning a party that won't break the bank!

It would be fun to go wild and have these extravaganzas that go into the thousands of dollars. But realistically, most of us are just trying to live simply, but still want to give our guests a great time.

I think it is important to remember that part of the fun is getting together with friends.

At a kids party, have some fun activities planned for the kids, a yummy cake, and you're all set.

Keep reading for ways to save on party food, decorations, and more!

Best Budget Party Advice

When you are looking for frugal party tips, here are some ideas to help with your party budget:

Budget Decorations:

Expensive decorations? You don't need them for your budget party - there are lots of homemade decorations that you can make yourself that will be inexpensive but very unique.

Old-fashioned balloons and streamers add a very festive atmosphere to a party for pennies.

For an adult party, turn down the lights and use candles or twinkle lights. A very pretty effect!

Also, look around your home - what can you use that would go with your theme as decorations? Get creative!

Free Activities and Games:

For activities, this website has many, many games that can be adapted to any theme. The ideas are free, and many games are free to set up.

It isn't just parents who are looking for ways to save money at parties. Adults as a whole are looking to do fun parties at home, rather than going out for entertainment. So actually a budget party is really "in" right now! Based on visitors to this website, bunco nights and other fun theme parties at home are very popular options for adults.

Budget Party Supplies:

Shop at discount stores first to see what is available there. Plastic cups and utensils, paper napkins and even cleaning supplies for before and after the party should be available at discount chain stores and dollar stores. You may also be able to pick up other parties supplies there, including balloons and party favors!

If you are shopping at a regular retailer for party supplies, check out the clearance section while you are there. You never know what you might find!

A great way to buy party supplies cheap is to do everything in a specific color. For a mardi gras party, buying plain green (or purple, or gold) paper plates and napkins is going to be less expensive that buying mardi gras themed items.

Frugal Refreshments:

Do as much of the food as you can yourself. This will help save money on food. You can buy fresh vegetables and cut them up yourself, make your own dips and party appetizers.

If serving a meal, make it a potluck!

For an adult party, if you would like to serve alcoholic drinks, serve a punch rather than having a bar. This can be less expensive, and you may be able to control consumption a bit more too!

For kids parties, plan the party at a time of day (mid-morning, mid-afternoon) when a meal won't be expected.

Make the cake yourself!

Cheap Invitations:

Have fun making the invitations yourself and hand deliver them to save on postage.

Or you can use an online invitation service like evite.

Budget Favors:

For a kid's party, make your own pinata and have the candy and trinkets inside be the party favor.

You can also do a craft at the party and let the craft be the favor!

Share your best budget party tips and we'll add them to the list!

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