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Kids love bubbles. Here are some easy and fun ideas for a bubble party!

Best Bubble Party Ideas!

  • Give each team a bar of soap and a bucket of water and see who make theirs disappear first (or who has gotten the farthest in a certain amount of time! It can take a long time to get a bar off soap down to nothing!)

  • Have a baby pool filled with bubble solution, plus lots of wands and toys to make bubbles.

  • If you have a bubble machine, hook it up to be blowing bubbles the entire time! If not, you can purchase one (they aren't too expensive for a basic machine). Or, you can always blow bubbles yourself and let the kids chase them.

  • For older kids, have a bubble gum blowing contest – see who can blow the biggest bubbles, pop the loudest bubbles, etc.

  • Not really bubbles, but bubble-like...you could use balloons in some of your games, such as going on a balloon hunt. Before the party, blow up lots of balloons in different colors (same amount of each color) and scatter them all over the party area. At the party, divide into teams and assign each team a color. Have each team select a “base”. On “Go”, teams must try to gather all the balloons of their designated color and take them back to their base, while trying to pop the balloons from the other teams. Team with the most balloons gathered at their base at the end wins!

  • Give out packages of bubble gum, bubble bath or bubble solution as party favors. (Rubber duckies can be fun too!)

  • Party Hints

    This party could get a little messy, so it would be great to do it outside if you can. Pick a time of year when the weather will be really nice outside, and warn your guests to wear clothing that would be appropriate to lots of bubble play. Depending on the age, you may want to wear swimsuits and even mix in some fun water balloon games.

    Have towels handy for everyone too - even if you tell guests to bring towels, some may forget, so it is always a good idea to have a big supply just in case.

    This is a really fun party, with lots of great photo ops!

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