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Right up at the top of birthday party ideas for kids is the concept of a backyard party as a whole.

There are advantages to doing a party at home, just like there can be advantages to doing a party away from home.

Personally, I love having the party in our own backyard. My kids love it too, so here are some kid party ideas to help you out when planning your backyard party.

Hints for the best backyard party:

Plan an activity for the beginning of the party while you are waiting for everyone to arrive.

  • Decorate! Decorations don't have to be expensive. Some rolls of colorful crepe paper and balloons don't cost much and really add some pizzazz. It does take time to put all that up though (I usually plan on a couple of hours). To make it go faster - blow up your balloons a day or two before (not the helium kind, but the human inflating kind!) and store them in large lawn and leaf bags. And have a big supply of masking tape handy for taping everything into place.

  • Plan for lots of kids party games. Make a list, and plan on many more than you think you will need. Nothing is worse than getting all the games done in about 10 minutes (when you thought it would take 30)!

  • Have plenty of party favors for everyone who shows. Maybe a little extra candy if your crowd tends to bring siblings - that way you have something for everyone.

  • Most important, have a "Plan B" if you are doing your party outside. If it is too hot, or too cold, or raining, or whatever, you want to have a safe place to hold the party instead. A garage, den, basement, or family room can do the trick. (You may have a seperate list of party games for an all indoor party).

  • Enjoy!!

  • Tell us all about your backyard party!
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