Adult Magic Party

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A magic party isn't just for kids! An adult party can be something unique and really amazing.

This is where the idea comes from...Not too long ago, I went to a private store opening. They had a great buffet, cocktails, and a magician. This magician was a strolling magician who went around, mixing and mingling with the guests.

I have to confess that as a kid I loved magic, but as an adult I'm still amazed, especially by folks who can do close up magic. No matter how closely I watch, I just can't see how some tricks are done!

Magic Hat

If you'd like to hire a magician like this, get references, or try them out first hand. Perhaps they are doing a show somewhere and you can pop in and see.

For decorating a party like this, you can really go with some ideas from the Black and White Party theme. Adding a few balloons in black and white, along with some silver and gold sparkly stars will set just the right mood.

Include some top hats from the party supply store, stuffed animal white rabbits and white candles will complete the decorating if you wish.

You can have a magician give a formal show at some point in the evening, but a strolling magician before the show can be lots of fun if you have a big enough party guest list.

For favors, you can have simple magic tricks, decks of cards or other fun items from a magic shop.

For Invitations, invite everyone to come for a "magical evening"!

If you have a really good magician, adults will love this party and enjoy the magic of wonder!

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