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Easy Party Ideas

Have some great adult games that you have played at a party?

Of course you do!

And we want to hear from you!

Being able to share great party ideas is wonderful - because we can all help each other out. You never know when you might come across the perfect, unique fun thing that will make your party special and memorable.

I always like to include at least one fun game for a party - it really will make your party stand out.

It's so easy.

Just fill out the form below to share your best party games and ideas. In addition to the basic idea of how to play the game, some ideas for things that might be helpful to include...

  • Is the game only for small groups (or large groups)?
  • Can any number of people play?
  • What supplies needed for the game?
  • How do you determine the winner of the game?
  • How long it takes to play?
  • You can even include photos!

  • After submission, your ideas will be ready to be shared with all our visitors and added to our collection of games for adults to play at parties! Just think, you may have the perfect idea that someone is looking for! What a great way to pay it forward!

    What is your favorite party game?

    Do you have a great party game? Share it!

    What Other Visitors Have Said

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    Parties are fun when everyone mingles. Party questions to pick on the way in is helpful. Also, having a name of a famous person or another person in the …

    Foot ID Not rated yet
    You'll get some great reactions with this game. Place different food items such as spaghetti, chicken breasts, popcorn, potato chips,cottage cheese,tuna,and …

    Cash Ball Not rated yet
    We place an amount of cash inside a small container, and cover it with mutliple layers of tape, rubber bands, glue, etc. Crowd sits in a circle. One person …

    The Tray Game Not rated yet
    To play this game, put about 20 common small household items on a tray. Have your guests look at the tray for one minute to try & remember as many items …

    All About Me Game Not rated yet
    This is a "get to know each other at the beginning of the gathering" type game. You pass a roll of toilet paper around and tell everyone to take the …

    Pass the Present Not rated yet
    Okay so you get a present (from anyone Dollar Tree,5 Below...etc.) and you wrap it 8 or 9 times with wrapping paper then you get all your guests in a circle …

    Beer Pong Not rated yet
    to play beer pong, get a ping pong table, 20 cups and plenty of beer. Set up 10 cups in a triangle on either side of the table, and fill them with beer. …

    Click here to write your own.

    Old School Games
    By Michele, Brooklyn, NY
    Back in the day mom and dad would have these parties. I can still remember the clothes they were wearing. 70's! They'd line up and the first person places an orange or grapefruit under their chin. Hands behind your back, the next person in line tries to get it with their chin without dropping it...Sounds silly. But I can still hear the laughs they would have. Those were the days.

    Are your Right or Left Handed?
    By Rose, Evansville, IN
    Have each person take the pencil (or pen) in their opposite hand.  Right hander use their left hand...Left hander use their right hand. Give them 5 minutes and have them write their full names. See which name is the most legible.  He or she will get the prize.

    Take the Challenge
    By: Willene B., Pelham, GA, USA
    Have everyone to describes a list of things about themselves, exchange cards no name on the card. whoever can describe the most about that person stays in the game. but If they guess the person name wrong when they read their description then they must take a CHALLENGE card, write a question on the card and they have to answer it correctly in order to stay in the game, but if they don't want to take the CHALLENGE and don't do what it says, then then he are she are completely out of the game. keep going until you are down to one player. please don't reveal to much or they will know who you are. if they guess you, then you are out. EVERYBODY PLEASE BE HONEST!

    Click here to write your own.

    Thanks for considering contributing to this list. I hear about new games and party ideas from site visitors all the time and love adding ideas that others will want to try themselves!

    As a matter of fact, a great game can even inspire someone to want to throw a party, just for the opportunity to play a great game (at least, I know I'm guilty of that...)

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