Cash Ball

by Kris

We place an amount of cash inside a small container, and cover it with mutliple layers of tape, rubber bands, glue, etc. Crowd sits in a circle. One person stands in middle with the cash ball. As the middle person starts ripping off layers to get to the cash, people around circle roll dice. Whoever rolls doubles, switches with person in the middle and gets to start trying to unwrap the cash ball. Keep going until someone gets to the cash!

Lisa Says:

Fun game! I've seen a version of this game, where there is a present wrapped inside multiple layers of wrapping paper and boxes. One time we played it with nice jewelry inside! With the idea of trying to be the person to unwrap the last layer and get to the jewelry, people were in a frenzy to unwrap quickly. It was really funny. Bet people would be really enthusiastic to play this with money as the ultimate prize as well!

When we played it the present was passed around the room with the dice. One person starts by unwrapping the present while the person to their left is rolling the dice. The person rolling the dice keeps going until they get doubles. Once doubles have been rolled, the person with the dice gets to take the present and start unwrapping, and the dice goes to the next player on the left. It keeps going around the room until the present is unwrapped.

If you have a lot of people coming, you'll need a lot of layers. And make it hard to open too - lots of tape, paper, hard to open boxes, etc.

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