All About Me Game

by Ann

This is a "get to know each other at the beginning of the gathering" type game.

You pass a roll of toilet paper around and tell everyone to take the amount they want. Once everyone had their toilet paper, you tell them to seperate it into their squares. Next tell them to write something about themselves on each square.

Once everyone is finished, take turns reading each square to the group.

Lisa adds:

Thanks for sharing this idea! I have played this at a club meeting before and it was a great icebreaker - perfect for when a people will be at the party who don't know each other well.

Another way to play is to pass around a bowl of M&M's. Each person can take some. Then, they must tell a "fun fact" about themselves for each M&M they took from the bowl. Good thing about this version is you get to eat the M&M's at the end!

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