Super Bowl Party

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Planning a football watching party for the super bowl or other sports party?

Keep in mind that some folks who might come might not care about football at all. You'll need to plan some things to keep them occupied. (Folks who are watching the game will be just fine on their own!)

Whatever food you serve at your party (see our suggestions below) make sure that it is casual, hearty food that can be eaten in front of the TV.

It is best to show the game on the best, largest TV that you have. Make that the central "Superbowl viewing room".

If you have access to extra TV sets for your superbowl watching party, set them up in the kitchen and other rooms so that you can have multiple viewing areas, like in a sports bar.

Bring in some portable chairs, folding chairs and camp chairs to add additional seating to your super bowl party areas.

Here are some fun superbowl party ideas for you to try...

  • Grid Game - Make a grid with 10 columns and 10 rows. Number each side (0 - 9), with the top to bottom columns being for one team, and the side to side rows being for the other team. In each square put in a party guests name. If each guest puts in a certain amount of money per square (you determine how much), then at the end of a quarter, the person with those numbers as the last number in the score will win 1/4 of the pot. This is frequently done in offices as a "football pot".
  • You can also make fun bets during the game, such as "first player to fumble the ball", "first player to score", "first team to call a time out", etc. You can even include game-related activities, like which cheerleaders will be shown first, and how many commercials will be shown. Come up with several as a list on a sheet. Guests can make their predictions, and at the end of the game the guest who has the most predictions correct wins a prize.
  • Trivia! Everyone loves trivia. Make up a trivia game about Superbowl history or even all things related to football.

  • Super Bowl Home Party Games Pack: 17 great printables!

  • Get into the act yourself at your super bowl party! Go outside and throw the football around, or hook up a Madden NFL video game.
  • One of our visitors sent in this fun game: Have a large paper cup, and for each play that does not result in a touch down, the person holding the cup must put in a quarter and pass the cup to the next person. This continues until a touchdown is scored, and the person holding the cup gets to keep the loot! As you can imagine, for the person holding the cup, if a touchdown is scored they get pretty excited, even if it isn't their team!
  • Instead of the usual chips, dips, hot wings, etc., pick food from the area of the country where the superbowl is taking place. For example, when it is in Miama, serve cuban food. When it is in Dallas, serve Barbeque at your Super Bowl Party.
  • For a fun food idea that is easy to serve, try a football cake.
  • Do you have a fun Superbowl Party Game? Tell us about it!

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