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I love to hold BBQ dinners. This is a great, easy meal that pleases just about everyone and can be served to small groups or a house full of guests!

Bar-B-Que means different things to different people. In Texas and the southwestern United States, Barbeque means slow cooking meat in a smoker or pit overnight. Part of that old cowboy heritage I guess. Other locales think of it as a cookout. Here we'll talk about an old fashioned western-style Barbeque.

The Meal: If you have a smoker, you can cook your own meat and it will be a delicious treat. Otherwise, you can find great barbeque in most parts of the country. Place an order at your favorite bar-be-que joint before the party for brisket, sausage, and sauce. Don’t forget some potato salad, cole slaw and beans to go on the side. Good thick bread (usually available at the restaurant) tops it off. You’ll only have to heat the beans or find a way to keep them warm and you’re all set!

What about vegetarians?! Have a vegetarian on your guest list for your barbeque? There are some great vegetarian options available at the grocery store that you can use to supplement your menu. (I know because I happen to be a vegetarian!)

Vegetarian baked beans are available, or make a batch of beans yourself for these guests by simply seasoning with salt and pepper when you are cooking. There are some great vegetarian sausages on the market as well. But rather than substituting items, it is usually easier to replace the potato salad on your menu with baked potatoes with all the fixings.

BBQ games to play

Dessert: Don’t forget the dessert. How about ice cream? Or apple pie? Watermelon is always a nice option in the summer.

Fun BBQ Ideas: For your barbecue party, use a red, white, blue, or red/white checkered tablecloth on your table. It is easy to have fun with this theme. How about serving drinks out of mason jars? Or using bandanas as napkins? Serve food on tin or mismatched plates (or for easy clean-up on those nice thick white paper plates! You can get away with it with BBQ!). Fill a tin watering can with flowers for a centerpiece. Think old west, country, or all-American.

The extra mile: How about decorating with western decorations such as hay bales, saddles, branding irons, wagon wheels and cowboy hats at your Barbeque? And some good ol' Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson and Stevie Ray Vaughan can fill out the play list for music!

Now, let's really make this memorable!

BBQ Party Ideas

Game Time at your BBQ!

What is a party without games?

Printable games are easy to use (read my review here) - very inexpensive, and you print as many copies as you need at home! Easy! If you're going to have kids around, there is a printable What's Wrong With This Burger? Left-Right Game.

But not just fun for kids, there are also other games you can buy and print such as Barbeque Fun: Who's On The Menu? Ice-Breaker Game.

The Result!:

Your guests will have a great time, everyone will have a delicious meal, and you’ll have an easy time preparing! It’s a win-win-win!

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