New Years Day Party

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One year I held a New Years Day Party...

For years my friends and I would get together for a New Years Eve Party. We did all sorts of fun things for New Years Eve.

One year we went to a restaurant, another year we went to a murder mystery dinner. Of course we visited parties in people's homes. And a couple of years we went to a casino night-type event.

One year, I had just moved into my first home, and wanted to have a party. I picked New Years Day as a time to get together, because my mother told me that when she was growing up their house would be a gathering place each January 1. Everyone from their small town would stop by for a bit of punch, refreshments and good company. I wanted to start that tradition myself.

Perhaps my grandparents and their friends didn't go out on New Years Eve.

New Years Party Games: trivia, left-right, mad libs

My plan was for everyone to come over and watch all the great football on t.v. It would be a come and go event, and very casual.

My experience is that I was exhausted the next day for staying out. Staying up late, and then getting up early to host a party took it's toll on me. My friends were great, and although they were tired as well, they never complained and we had a good (although somewhat quiet!) time.

Here are my helpful hints...because even if you and your friends do not go out the night before, chances are you may stay up late at home watching Dick Clark's New Years Eve show on TV to see the big ball drop in Times Square NYC!

Planning New Years Day Celebrations

  • Have everyone dress casual and comfy (especially great after dressing up the night before)

  • Remember that there are lots of good football games on January 1. You may even set out some football memorabilia, cheerleader pom poms, etc. if you have it.

  • If your friends have been "indulging" the night before, you might want to have some "hangover helpers" on hand.

  • Set out a buffet of appetizers. Everyone can munch as they wish while they watch the games. Great ideas are popcorn, pretzels, pizza rolls, chips/dips, cookies, and of course build your own sandwiches.

  • Party favors can include morning after mugs, a mug filled with a packet of coffee. Calendars for the new year work great too!

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