Creating Great Gift Baskets

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Putting together great gift-filled baskets can be easy if you know how!

When you give a basket as a gift, you can purchase a collection of several small things and, when put together in an attractive basket you've created a really special present!

These can grow to really big proportions, making a really impressive presentation, particularly if you have several people contributing items to the basket.

Here are the steps to create your gift...

  • Find a basket, bowl, or whatever you want to fill. Just make sure that it will be large enough to hold the things you have purchased.

  • Ball up some tissue paper into large balls and put in the bottom of your container. This creates a colorful base, but also helps to raise up the items in the basket so they can be seen better. Part of the reason for creating the basket is for the "wow!" presentation factor.

  • If your balled up tissue paper is a plain white, you can cover the top of with whatever you wish to make it more colorful or add more texture – crinkle paper, more tissue paper, even Spanish moss!

  • Fill the container with your goodies. Start with your largest and heaviest item, and create a “hole” for it among the tissue paper balls. Continue with your other items, making sure that it looks balanced.

  • Add something “extra” at the end such as some greenery and a bow.

    Voila! You're done!

    No time to do it yourself, but you still want to be involved in creating it? Then you are in luck! Create your own custom baskets at Design it Yourself Gift
  • Have you created a great basket? If so, send us a photo and tell us what you put inside!

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