Minnie Mouse Party

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One year after a trip to Disneyland my daughter wanted a Minnie Mouse party for her 6th birthday party.

To start with, I'll tell you that this was one of my favorite parties of all time. And I had to start from scratch - I couldn't find any kid party ideas that related to Minnie Mouse in my online searched.

We also couldn't find any party merchandise that was in Minnie's red and white polka dot colors, so we did everthing in red, black and white. Streamers, balloons, and lots of them. (I love those color combinations together!)

For invitations, I used black card stock and cut out the mouse head and ear shape and added a red and white polka dot bow on top. On the back of the invitation I glued on the party details printed on white paper.  

For a cake we had a red round cake and covered it with large white polka dots. It was so cute!

For favors we gave Minnie Mouse bean bag type dolls (although any Minnie Mouse item could do!) I found them on clearance at the Disney store.

Arrival activity: As each guest arrived they crawled thru a "mouse hole" (hole in a cardboard box) to get to the party area. They were turned into mice by given a “mouse ears” headband. These were made by covering a headband with black grosgrain ribbon and hotgluing two black craft foam mouse ear shapes to the top of the headband. Between the ears was a red and white polka dot ribbon.

Fun Kid Party Games at our Minnie Mouse party included:

  • Balloon game - try to keep a red, white or black balloon in the air.
  • Hunt - hunting for pretend wedges of cheese.
  • Ring around the Cheese (basically Ring Around the Rosie!)
  • Cat and Mouse Game - Place a strip of tape on the ground. The “cat” is on one side of the tape, and the “mice” are on the other side. The cat jumps over the tape and all the mice have to run to the other side before getting caught.
  • Kitty Cat Kitty Cat are you hungry? Basically our favorite  "Monster Monster" game, but this time the "monster" is a cat, since the kids are all mice!
  • “Minnie says” (Simon Says)
  • Hot Potato Game (but with a wedge of cheese).
  • We also had a homemade pinata made by blowing up 3 balloons and taping them together to from the Disney mouse head shape. After covering with newspaper and glue and it drying, we decorated it with black tissue and crepe paper and placed a giant red tissue paper bow on top.
  • All of these games listed above can be found on our kids party games page.

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