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Kung Fu Panda was a hit movie! And a Kung Fu Panda Party is a hit party! The kids loved it, and any kung fu or karate or tae kwan do fan is gonna love this party!

Invitations are easy!

You can make your own invitations and include the guest’s name written in Chinese

Everyon loves fortune cookies. Fortune cookies with the invitation inside Order real fortune cookies made this way, or make your own out of felt!

Party Decorations

  • Red!
  • Chinese Lanterns
  • Red and gold crepe paper streamers and balloons
  • If a childrens birthday party, make a happy birthday banner in Chinese, and a kids birthday party cake could be a panda or anything chinese related such as symbols, dragons or the color red.

  • Easy Kid Party Games

  • Watch the Kung Fu Panda movie
  • Apply some temporary tattoos with Chinese letters
  • Hit a dragon pinata
  • Make dragon masks
  • Make a dragon parade
  • Have a Paper Lantern Race. Kids love to race. You can do a relay race, using a paper lantern as a baton. Or divide everyone into two lines. Each team races to pass the paper lantern up and down their line first.
  • Kung Fu Says - Simon Says is a constant kid party favorite! Just change "Simon" to "Kung Fu" and you have a great game!
  • Adapt more party games to a Kung Fu or Chinese theme…

  • Cute Party Favors

  • Flip Flops
  • Chop Sticks
  • Chinese “Handcuffs” Finger Traps
  • Sparklers
  • Chinese Candy
  • A Karate outfit for each guest! Just take a man’s large white t-shirt, cut up the front and belt with a long piece of black fleece or ribbon. An instant Karate robe makes for fun kid party ideas!

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    Looking for More Kung Fu Fun? 

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  • Add some Chinese New Year History to your Kung Fu Panda Party
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