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For me, holidays and celebration opportunities are everywhere and present themselves on a daily basis.

Sometimes there are holidays that you might celebrate but never think of using as a theme for a party.

Take the American holiday of President’s Day for example.

Just about everyone in the U.S. looks forward to it.


Probably because it is usually a holiday from work and school!

President’s Day is observed on the third Monday of February each year in honor of George Washington, the first President of the United States.

Because of that, sometimes President’s Day is called Washington’s Birthday.

Lincoln’s Birthday (February 12) is also sometimes celebrated as part of President’s Day.

With the holiday always falling on a Monday, it makes a three-day weekend, so why not throw a party specifically in honor of President’s Day?

Patriotic "Presidential" Parties...Holidays and Celebration Time

So, let’s celebrate those Presidents!

  • One thing you can do as part of your celebration is to play a US Presidents Print and Play Game. These print and play games are great. There are several other game options available from these folks, having to do with all sorts of things with American history, facts and trivia. You can even download and print a

  • United States trivia three-pack: Patriotic trivia, Presidential trivia and State Nicknames trivia! Easy! Independence Day Presidential Trivia game
  • The old game of tossing as many pennies in a jar as you can would be fun. And appropriate, having Lincoln’s face on them (use a quarter for Washington).
  • Now this idea may seem a little “out there”, but bear with me. The hip, hot dance of the late 1700’s was the Minuet. How about learning steps and teaching it to your guests at the party? Then you can dance it together. We did something like this at a Medieval Party I attended years ago. We learned a medieval dance and it was so much fun for everyone! Think about your guests and whether you think it would go over!
  • Speaking of doing things that George and old Abe would do…let’s play some old fashioned games at the party like horseshoes.
  • Serve cherry pie (in honor of George Washington chopping down the cherry tree).
  • Patriotic Decorations are definitely in order. Cover everything in red, white and blue, flags, bunting, and all things American.
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