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A Hannah Montana cake is a great example of a cake that fits the current favorite TV show.

When Hannah Montana was a top rated TV show, every little girl (and some little boys) loved it! The idea of being a rock star or celebrity in disguise, and then getting to be a regular girl too is just too fun.

Photo by: http://www.flickr.com/photos/derek-and-edith/ / CC BY 2.0

Other ways to create a Hannah Montana Cake

Other fun ideas for a Hannah Montana birthday cake would be a Rock Star Cake or Guitar Cake.The trick is finding things that go along with the story line of the show, and then adapting it to your party.


Hannah Montana Party Ideas

This idea for a Hannah Montana Party was shared by one of our site visitors:

Have a Hannah Montana look alike contest and Hannah Montana decorations. Have her music playing the whole time and gift baggies with her stuff.

Hannah Montana Costume

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