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During the holidays, free Christmas party games can be a big plus to the busy party planner!

Actually, anything that is free at any time is a good thing, right?

I came across a very fun game that requires no set up.

Chances are, if you're having a Christmas party, you'll have Christmas cookies of some sort sitting out.

Let's make good use of those cookies!

How to Play:

  • Have players sit down and tilt their heads back.
  • Place a cookie on each person's forehead.
  • On "go", have players race to try to get their cookie to their mouth - without hands.
  • Instead they'll have to use facial movements to try to get the cookies to slide down their face.
  • First person with a cookie in their mouth wins!
  • This can be played individually, in teams, or as a relay race.

    And any game where you get to eat cookies sounds good!

    There are lots more easy Christmas party games that you can play using items you probably have around the house.

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