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Make your own set of this popular Italian game for a fun, relaxed game where you can adapt the rules to the ages and abilities of your guests. You'll find that this ancient game is spelled different ways, sometimes bocce, boccie, and bocci.

You can also play this way with whatever you have on hand, rather than actual boccie balls and a marked court.

What you'll need are four balls for each team, plus a "target ball". The ball for each team should be in different colors, but should be the same types of balls. The four balls could be croquet balls, tennis balls or playground balls.

A good idea for a boccie target ball is a golf ball.

To play, have a player toss the target ball. Wherever it lands, it will be a target.

Next, have each team take turns rolling one of their colored balls to the target. The team that gets closet to the target wins that round. You can play as many rounds as you want, but it is best to set a number (such as 10) before you start playing.

This is a game that is easy to set up and create, even when you don't have an official set of supplies. Anytime you have the right number of balls on hand, at school, a park, or at a party, you can play a game.

This is also a great game to play anytime you have a variety of ages at your party or event. Young and old can play this game together. The rules are simple to understand, and most can do it. Think of how much fun this game would be to play at a summer family block party!  

As you can see, you'll need to add this to your fun and easy party games list!

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