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An appetizer Christmas party can be a great solution to an age-old Christmas party problem...

Sometimes you might think it is fun to have a Christmas party, but it seems that your friends are already too busy with other plans to attend one more party.

Think about it - there are only a certain number of available weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Your friends might want to attend, but can't stay for long.

One solution can be to have an appetizer party. Start the party and end it early, so that your guests will make your home their first destination of the night.

Another solution can be to have a "come and go" type Christmas party.

By setting out appetizers, friends can stop by your place on their way to another event or after.

And if they don't have another party to go to, they can always stick around for the whole evening and nibble on your yummy treats.

Who knows - it may be so fun at your house that no one ever wants to leave!

This type of party is also sometimes called an "open house".

If you plan to have it with the idea in mind that folks can "come and go" as their schedule allows, on the invitation say the times of the party and "come and go". That way your guests will know that it is OK to stop by for a bit if they can only come for a little while.

Picking some easy to make appetizers or other Christmas party food can be the centerpiece of your fun event.

And those easy appetizers are key to you enjoying yourself at your own party. Select things that can be made ahead of time and just be set out as needed to allow yourself to have more time with your guests.

That is what is important, right?

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