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Around the World in 80 Years!

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Planning an 80th birthday party?

Does the birthday guy or gal love to travel?

Then I have the PERFECT party theme for you!!!

Make travel your theme and plan an Around the World in 80 years birthday celebration!

Even if they haven't traveled a lot, you can still use this theme.

It provides lots of great birthday party decorating ideas along with fun possibilities for a birthday cake theme and inventive adult birthday invitations.

80th Birthday Party Theme

Adult 80th Birthday Party Invitations

One idea for your adult birthday invitations is to make the invitations look like mock passports.

With this, guests can collect various stamps during the party.

Another birthday party invitation idea is to send pretend travel tickets.

A final idea is to make an invitation to look like a travel book or spin off of the book Around the World in 80 Days.

Easy Party Food, Decorations and Adult Games

Pick some favorite places that the honoree has visited to spotlight with your food, decorations and adult birthday party games.

If you need inspiration, check out our Around the World Party Ideas to get you started!

An easy idea for decorations is to use travel posters of fun and exotic locations that are either favorite destinations or dream destinations. If you have the budget, you could even blow up photos of the birthday person at those locations. A print/copy center can blow up photos to be poster size.

Great birthday celebration ideas include great decorations.

Also, for other activities you might consider special elderly adult party games and activities that this age group will particularly enjoy. We've created this list of adult games that any age will enjoy and they are all very easy to do.

Trivia is always a great game to play with a large and mixed group because you can play on teams. To go with this theme, opt for a Travel themed Trivia Game.

Printable Birthday Games are also always an easy option. They are actually a GREAT options because you can just print from your home computer and you have fun adult party games ready in minutes. If you have mixed ages, you can even select specific games that everyone will enjoy. Very inexpensive and accessible. How easy!

Not turning 80? Change the 80 in this 80th birthday party idea to whatever birthday you are celebrating! This theme can really work with any age (it just won't match the book title!)

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