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For her 40th birthday, my friend Pamela decided to have a special birthday party. Her birthday celebration ideas included an afternoon and evening full of fun.

Her online adult birthday invitations listed the agenda, just in case anyone had to arrive late or leave early.

For the first part of the birthday party, Pamela invited several of her friends to meet up at a beading store. We each picked our beads and project, and spent an hour or two making our creations while enjoying refreshments.

Then we moved on to a really nice restaurant in town and had birthday dinner. While there, she opened presents and we had yummy adult birthday cake.

To be really festive at your adult birthday parties, add some themed fortieth birthday napkins and plates.

Great Idea for a 40th Birthday

Going to the beading store first was really nice, because it gave us more of a chance to visit with each other than at the restaurant. Even those who didn't know each other at the beginning of the birthday party felt like old friends after spending some craft time together.

If you don’t want to go to a store for your adult party ideas, you could easily do a “craft” session at home – beading, scrapbooking, or whatever you are interested in that would be easy to make and create in a short amount of time.


The next year, Pamela followed it up in a big way...

By having a girlfriends-only pool party, with lunch and henna tattoos!

This was a great adult party too! So as you can see, she is full of creative ideas for great times with girlfriends.

What about you? Have you been to a great adult party? Tell us about your great birthday celebration ideas!

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